The Legacy of The Temptations: Spotlight Hall of Fame Legend
Dennis Edwards -"Don't Look Any Further"
One of the World's greatest lead singers from the most influential vocal group in the history of American Popular music, Dennis
Edwards is the man who helped The Temptations capture the first Grammy for Motown in 1968 with "Cloud Nine".  Inducted into
the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, Edwards' Soul Power vocals were featured on over 50 RnB and Pop chart hits, spanning
20 years on Motown records with The Temptations, Contours and as a solo entity.  During an exclusive interview with RnB
Showcase Magazine, prior to a performance in Atlantic City NJ, Edwards shared some insight into his remarkable Career.

"I signed with Motown and at the time the roster was completely full.  Mr. Gordy, he had the foresight to just keep me on the
roster.  One of the Contours lead singers got really sick while they were on tour with The Temptations.  I had the opportunity to
sing with The Contours for a couple of years, and I got the chance to meet the Temptations.  That was the first time I had a real
opportunity to come close to this Hall of Fame group."  

Edwards recorded the 1967 R&B Top 30 hit "It's So Hard Being A Loser" backed with "Your Love Grows More Precious
Everyday" for the Contours. Following a stint with the group best known for the "Dirty Dancing" movie classic "Do You Love Me,"
Edwards was drafted to The Temptations.   He  replaced the man considered to be a  legend in his own time Mr. David Ruffin.

"David was one of a kind.  In fact he was one of my idols.  I never in my mind came to the conclusion that I even replaced him.  
There was a spot open for me and I just happened to be there, because after all, David was such a great singer that you
couldn't replace him.  I was just another singer that came into his spot."

More than just another singer, Dennis Edwards himself was voted one of R&B Showcase Magazines' "Top 5 All-Time Favorite
Vocalists" in a  recent readers poll. A list that included the likes of Ruffin, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin.  "I'm
really amazed and thank you so much."

The Temptations ushered  in the new decade of the seventies with social concious tunes like "Ball of Confusion" and
"Psychedelic Shack," reflecting on the signs of the times under the new rock influenced soul productions of Norman Whitfield.   
The Dennis Edwards' hit list of leads with The Temptations includes the Billboard  No. One  Pop singles "I Can't Get Next to
You,"  1969; and the group's second Grammy -Winning tune  "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"  in 1972.  Even the Beatles
considered The Temptations to be the No. 1 group in the world.  The Tempts with Dennis Edwards were a television mainstay in
the Pre-MTV days including "Soul Train," "Mike Douglas," "Merv Griffin," the Johnny Carson era "Tonight Show" and their own
"The Temptations Show" with commedian George Kirby and Kaye Stevens recording a successful TV soundtrack album
released in 1969.

"We did a couple things with The Supremes 'TCB (Taking Care of Business)', and 'On Broadway.'  We had quite a run and I was
very blessed," adds Edwards.

Some of the best live performances of the Dennis Edwards' Era Temptations were on the "Midnight Special" television
broadcasts in the mid seventies.   All group members had the opportunity to host the program and  showcase their leads
including Edwards gospel charged rendering of  "A Song For You."  By 1982 the lineup of Dennis Edwards, Glenn Leonard, Otis
Williams, Richard Street and Melvin Franklin were soon joined by returning alumni David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks for a  
Temptations "Reunion" Tour and album.  According to Edwards.  "It was my whole dream when we all got a chance to sing
together for the reunion."  Shortly after Ruffin, Kendricks and Edwards departed The Temptations and toured internationally as
the trio Ruffin, Kendrick and Edwards.  Each member enjoyed solo success at various times with Edwards' "Don't Look Any
Further" single and album  scaling the R&B and Pop charts in 1984.  The title track to this day has been sampled by countless
R&B and Hip-hop recording artists.  Edwards follow up album was "Coolin' Out" in 1985.  Edwards along with Ruffin, Kendricks,
Otis Williams, Paul Williams and Melvin Franklin were inducted  by Hall and Oates into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" on
January 18, 1989.  Today Dennis Edwards salutes the Legacy of The Temptations with his own touring group, The Temptations
Review featuring Dennis Edwards.              ( Article: Dennis Edwards Interview with Tim Marshall R&B Showcase Magazine, 2005)